Anybody watch Lost?

    I'm thinking of starting at Season 1 and going all the way through. Comments?

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    Great show, one of my all time favorites.

    I understand it's a good choice. I try not to watch shows one has to keep up with. I don't watch soaps as unAmerican as that sounds......


    Lost is a series - not a soap. I have Netflix and can get it from the very first to the last.
    country bumpkin

    My favorite, before it was cancelled, was, As The World Turns.

    If you are going to watch LOST, it is definitely advisable to start at the start and go in consecutive order.  It gets really difficult to follow if you hit and miss. 
    Another excellent series to watch is the one about the family who owned a funeral parlor. It's been off the air for nearly ten years, but was an excellent show, well worth the time. I'm sorry I can't remember the name...want to say "Six Feet Under" but I know that's not it.  


    Oh, I’ve watched 6’ under. We used to live over a funeral parlor. It wasn’t scary. It was a beautiful place and well separated from the other part.
    6’ under is the best series (or anything) I’ve EVER seen.
    I really like Parenthood too and hope it stays on.

    I'll have to check out Parenthood. Right now, I always watch "Revenge" and I'm beginning to find it chock full of unlikable persons.

    No, and to prevent it, I wear it at all times and my wristband is tight.


    Clonge, that is funny. Itsmee is asking if anybody watches "LOST", not if anybody's watch is lost! :D

    I know (lol!) Glad you found it funny. Making people laugh is one of the reasons I'm here.

    Have a fun evening!

    Clonge usually makes me laugh. I didn’t get this one at first ... but now I do.

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