1997 oldsmobile achieva oil pan removal

    all nuts & bolts are out, pan is loose but seems like pan is stuck on a stud from the flywheel housing


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    The oil pan is located at the bottom of the engian. There will be a lot of screws all around the pan. On the pan will be a plug. Take a wrench or socket and remove the plug. Put a pail or something to catch the oil when you remove the plug. After it has drained, remove all the bolts holding the pan on. You may have to use a screw driver or putty knife and go around the pan to lostenit after you get the bolts out. Drop the pan and take the putty knife and scrape off the old gasket material from the engian and the pan. Be careful not to dig the metal as this could cause a leak spot. Make sure you have a new gasket to put on before you take the old one off. Put the new one on the pan and hold it up to the engian and make sure all the holes line up and start putting the bolts back in. Be sure not to tighten them too much, just snug good. They break if too much pressure is put on them. Make sure the drain plug is snug also after it is put together. Good luck. If the oil pan still wont come out you may have to jack up the engian a little.

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