do animals worry about geting old?

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    Only human animals.

    Read and see here >

    What's time to an animal? What's that verse from the bible? Behold the lillies of the field etc.They are very much aware of death from predators but I don't think the have any fear of old age.

     Animals don't worry about getting old but some do prepare.  Elephant herds are led by an older female elephant.  She knows the path they should take to and from the watering holes and when to leave for the holes and return to the trees.  She knows how to protect the very old and very young from attacks.  She teaches this to the herd.  There are usually 2 younger female elephants to whom she teaches everything so that eventually, when she becomes too old, one will take over.  They know which one will take over- the other learns incase the 1st one becomes ill or dies.  They are very smart animals.


    Indeed! Elephants are very organized They are very family oriented and so beautiful! I love it when I can hear their rumbles AKA talking only on TV thou! It would be fantastic to visit wild elephants , I think!

    They simply survive and procreate and get on with life, finding food, hunting, or watching out for the hunter!  If they are livestock or pets, an easier life, and we humanize their "feelings" but they are still as the wild animals, surviving and they additionally live to please us (maybe their way of insurance?) 


    hey bustieone.I have a friend with origins in Rockhampton & he tells me his next door neighbour was One Kevin Crowley many years ago.This would make this particular Kevin a man in his 60s now.How does that fit with your wife's rellies?

    If he was a teacher/headmaster, it is her first cousin. They have been over here to visit us, and a daughter came over last year to marry in Vegas! It is a small world isn't it?

    Yeah mate,the six degrees of separation & all that.LOL
    I think we are on the same track as I believe Geoff said he was a teacher but I will verify that & get back to you.

    Animals have a bad sense of time- They do not know they are old. I believe they sense fear , love and almost all senses however time confuses them.

    Animals only worry about eat,sleep,sex, then they worry about Eat,sleep and sex. Not totally unlike the Human animal.  Only reason humans worry about death is because after they die they can't eat, sleep and have sex, and that worries them. me, I'm not human, I only worry about sex.



    sounds like men.....they only worry about eat, sleep and sex. Hahahah. :-)

    sounds like men.....they only worry about eat, sleep and sex. Hahahah. :-)

    how did my answer get on here twice ?

    There's a lovely echo in this chamber !

    Animals do sense fear, not only when there are natural disasters earthquakes etc,  loobyx, you need to watch more animal Documentarys. x

    As soon as the first animal is able to answer this question, then all other answers are moot.

    they have no sense of fear only when natural disasters earthquakes etc as it affects their natural hunting status x


    This is untrue. Animals know fear and can sense fear of those around them.

    i never meant they have no fear i meant they cannot think in depth only fear is introduced to their mindset if it affects their food lol

    Their fear interrupts everything!

    About other things, not that: ""


    love Boxers

    is he a bulldog,??

    Yes. They get face lifts, and go to spas. And they get hair replacement therapy.

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