How can I take PHA for my spouse ?

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    It looks like she must partake in it herself.

    Here is what I found regarding 'teachers'  on the net>>>

    >>>Is the spouse of an active employee required to complete the annual personal health assessment (PHA)?
    Yes. If you and your spouse do not complete the PHA, you will pay a $200 penalty.

    >>>>Why a financial penalty?

    The research on health and productivity management programs shows that an extremely high percentage of employees - 95% or better - must complete the personal health assessment for the program to succeed.


    The research also shows that certain employees - primarily those who avoid dealing with personal health issues - will not complete the annual PHA unless there is a substantial financial penalty - $200 or more.


    We want the Good Health program to work - to help our members and their families live healthier, and protect our members from the financial impact of rising health care costs, and maintain high-quality health insurance benefits for our members.

    And here is another site with questions like this>>>>

    What happens if I do not complete the PHA? What happens if my enrolled spouse/SSDP does not complete the PHA?

    If you, as the employee participant, do not complete your PHA, you will not receive part of your HRA funding. As a result, your deductible will be up to $350 higher. If you have family coverage, and you nor your spouse/SSDP complete the PHA your deductible will be up to $700 higher.

    See here for more>>>

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