How do you feel about women bishops?

    The Church of England is likely to vote to admit women bishops. Some people object on theological grounds and have joined the Catholic Church, others feel that as there are more women ordained than men today it is inevitable. Your views please.



    The vote went against allowing women bishops; the bishops themselves voted in favour, but the laity voted against ! The situation is chaotic as in theory the UK government could declare the vote discriminatory and overturn the decision.

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    Thanks for the update. Are we in the 21st Century yet?

    I did notice that not one man answered this question.

    Up-update: The Anglican church has now agreed to allow women to be bishops. Sept 2014

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    Why not? Keeping women in a secondary

    and/or subjugated position in an organization,

    even a religious one, is archaic and erroneous.

    People "joining" the Catholic Church in protest 

    of this is laughable. It's only promulgating their

    cavemen views on the position of women in 

    society, as second place and not equal. What 

    does true spirituality have to do with gender?

    They can muck it up as well as the men can. I say make them Bishops. What more damage can they do to the religion and it's followers?

    I don't feel one way or another. I don't think Baptist have bishops.......

    I feel the same about women bishops as I do about "women anything".  Some are very intelligent, great workers, fabulous leaders, excellent managers and some are not....just like "men anything".

    I'll be the first man to answer this one then, I don't have a problem with women doing any job as long as they are good at it, after all the best prime minister we had in the Uk was a women.

     You won't hear about sexual abuse in the church with a woman. They are your basic care givers, so I think they should do quiet well.

    long live women bishops. My niece is an ordained Lutheran minister. She's a graduate of a theological seminary . Pretty soon the Catholic church will have to ordain women as priests, b/c they don't have enough priests to go around.


    Agree totally; in the village where I live the priest has finally retired at age 85, and there is no-one to replace him. Two seminaries have closed owing to lack of recruits and numerous convents.

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