How do I install a fax machine that is part of an "All-in-One" printer through a DSL monitor?

    I purchased a new AIO Canon MX439 printer. Installation of the printer and scanner was successful but not the fax component. The current hookup is done exactly like the previous printer I was using. There is a problem with the way this one is connected via the phone line. This is the following hookup I am using:

                    1.  Beginning with the Phone

                    2.  Phone line runs from phone to Phone Jack

                    3.  Phone-Jack Splitter

                    4.  From phone jack splitter to DSLmonitor

                    5.  Cable from DSLmonitor to WiFi router

                    6.  Cable from WiFi router to computer

                    7.  Phone wire from back of computer to large power cord on

                          the floor (has an input and output connections)

                     8.   Power cord is plugged in the wall electrical outlet


                    9.  USB cord runs from printer to the computer


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    The phone line should be connected to "All-in-One" printer THEN to your PC.

    In addition you must set up the "Fax" within the printer operating system on the PC


    Doesn't the phone line have to go into the PC for the Enternet to work?
    Jack Large

    The phone is passed through the AIO to the PC.

    The AIO answers the FAX after the specific number or rings one chooses, five for instance.

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