how do I promote my website online ?

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    Submit your website information to all the major search engines, including Yahoo!, Google and Bing. Each search engine has different submission requirements, so make sure to read the guidelines before you proceed.

    Submit your website information to as many relevant website directories as you can. Some are general directories and place website links in appropriate categories while others are solely focused on a specify topic, such as health and fitness.

    Join a web ring. A web ring is a group of websites that share a common theme. Anyone who has his website included in a web ring must place a navigation bar on his website to allow visitors to view the next or previous website in the ring. This is a traffic sharing tactic and has the added benefit of connecting you to other webmasters who share a common interest or goal.

    Create an advertisement banner for your website using one of the many free or paid banner generators found online. You can then ask your friends to post your banner on their websites, get involved with banner exchange programs or pay another webmaster to post your banner on her website.

    Write articles for various websites and cite information from your website so you can include the link in the reference section.

    Post the link to your website on any social media websites you use. Your friends and family will want to see your website and they can help you advertise via word of mouth.

    Become active on message boards geared to topics related to your website. Many message boards allow contributors to create a signature that is displayed under each of their posts, so you can add the link to your website there.

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