Is a root canal a dangerous or painful procedure?

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    The biggest pain is the expense.

    They freeze you so you can't feel a thing.


    They put a large needle in the roof of your mouth that hurts like h- - --

    I'm not going to pander to the sympathizers.  Yes it's painful, but it also depends on how deep and in the nerve has any live left it it.  I had it done and it was  excruciating, the nerve was still alive.  The dentist had to stop the procedure and place cotton balls in the canal to poison and kill the nerve before he could continue. this process of killing off the nerve took 2 weeks.  Then he was able to proceed without much discomfort.  although, i developed an infection years later and had to have surgery to clean it all out. 

    The message here is, get a good dentist, make sure the the tooth needs a root canal, if you have excruciating pain during procedure then the nerve is still alive and root canal was not needed in the first place.



    and they haven't give you enough of a local Benzocaine.

    before any dental work that would involve novacane. The night before, take two ibuprofen. Then in the morning or two hours before dental appointment, take two more ibuprofen. four hours after appointment two more ibuprofen. Then two every 6 hours as needed. You probably won't need them the next day and if you follow this you won't have ANY pain during or afterwards. I followed this and it works, I was totally amazed. No discomfort at all! I have bad knees, now when I know I will be on my knees the next day, I do this trick and I can go a whole day with no pain.

    Probably the same risks as any other procedure of a similar nature.



    If you have a competent dentist, there shouldn't be any problems. I've had many done; no problems.

    Not at all you don't feel pain during the procedure. After root canal you will feel unbearable pain.

    which will subside with medicines; ask for the prescription from your dentist.


    I didn't feel any unbearable pain afterward, even after the anesthetic wore off.

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