Just when you're having fun.

    I'm gunna be plunged into darkness at any moment.There is a massive storm cell moving over us & a blackout is inevitable.We have such a sensitive power grid here it's common.So if I disappear,I'll see you all after the storm.

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    Stay safe. Seeyou after.

    Yep i know what you mean Tommy, something or someone has to come along and stuff it up.Lol

    Take care


    We got thru it OK.More to come today.(Monday).
    We need the rain but not the destruction or the blackouts.

    Saw it on the news Tommy, glad everything ok, send some of the water down here.:)


    No can do Kent.We really need it.This is the first decent rain we've had in months.

    Hey, take care.  Those things can be powerful

    and a tad scary (to me anyway.)


    It's over.We lost power for a little while.Ready for the next one.(Later this evening)

    See you in a bit. Stay away from the windows.

    Glad you had your power restored so quickly!

    Rain? I've heard of it.......


    I watched The Dust Bowl on PBS last night, part two is on tonight. Yikes!

    We stayed up and watched both parts. Jeez! My folks never talked about it and they'd remember. I guess Brownwood lucked out....

    They were eating dirt for years but it was unfortunately a man-made disaster and during the Depression too, double whammy.


    Tommy, in what part of Australia are you located?  My wife was born in Townsville, and moved to states as a war-baby, in 1946.  We visited in 2000, it was incredible, going to the Reef, Darwin, and visiting family for a month.  We visited Brisbane, Rockhamptom, some little mining towns Charter Towers, Magnetic Island, Sydney (of course, as we flew in), and other places on the east coast.  And we WERE having fun!


    Briz Vegas. (Brisbane).You went to the best part.

    Yes we enjoyed driving about, little confusing at the rotaries (round-abouts). And we got a kick out of the town called Yapoon! The rainforest was superb, as were the Blue Mts. and wineries in hills outside Sydney!

    Sorry to be corrective but it's YEPOON,& yes it is a nice part of the world.I'm glad you liked it.Tell your mates.Bring 'em on down.We'll make 'em welcome.:)

    No worries I need to be corrected once and again.. Do you know any of the Crowleys from Rockhampton, Townsville, and Brisbane? Most of them are all named Kevin (Sr. through the 3rd.).

    Can't say I have ever known anyone by that name.
    I wa born in Bundaberg,just south of Rocky so you can bet some of your mob would know some of my mob.

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