If you were to visit just one country in South America, which one would it be, and why?

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    I visited two countries in South America in 1978 on my way to the World Cup in Argentina, we flew from New York to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, stayed for 2 days then flew to Buenos Aires in Argentina, I,d go back in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Only the dismal performance of the Scottish team spoiled my 6 weeks there.........



    Maybe if there's another war between GB & AR, you can go as a troop....but the war would probably only last a day (lol)!

    I did that in 1982,I was an electrical mechanic on HMS Sheffield, look it up on google if you don't know what happened.

    Maybe if there's another war between GB & AR, you can go as a trooper....but the war would probably only last a day (lol)!

    Do you have a stammer?

    I think I would make it Brazil, simply for the sake that it has always fascinated me more than other South American destinations.


    Don't miss Rio, where the bikinis are made from dental floss. Sorry I can't post an example; it would result in a suspension!

    Good place to open a custom bikini shop...for several reasons!

    Any of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Chile or Ecuador will do. There is no way to get enough of this amazing continent with just one trip so I suggest you go there for at least 2 weeks. On my first trip I spent 1 week in Ecuador where I visited Quito and theAmazon, it is a good idea to visit the Amazon when in Ecuador cause the lodging is cheap, then flew to Lima, Nazca, Cusco and took the train to Macchu Picchu. It was a fat, full trip and I would suggest it to anyone. Another good idea is to spend a 6-7 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, visit Iguazu falls from there, visit Montevideo which is very close (30min by plane) and that way you'll get to see another country as well (Uruguay) and then go down to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. At least 2 weeks for this trip too.

    Brazil. I can spell it and they are used to American tourist so I could get help if I needed it.......


    If I was to visit one country in South America, I think I'd go to Chile, because I love snowboarding, and I found out that Chile is the most recommended country in South America for snowboarding.

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