how do I get emails into alphabetical order

    I want to delete certain sections of my emails

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    Log into your email account.

    2Click your "contacts" list and wait for them to display.

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    3Press "email" or "screen name" once to sort them alphabetically, twice to sort in reverse alphabetical order. Some webmail providers may have a drop down menu that asks you how you would like to sort the email addresses. Simply click the drop down and click "alphabetically." Keep in mind, however, that there are still some providers that do not offer this feature, so you may not necessarily be able to sort your contacts by email address with a webmail program.

    Email Programs

    4Open up your email program on your computer.

    5Click "contacts" or "address book."

    6Hit the email category once to sort email addresses in alphabetical order, and twice to sort it in reverse alphabetical order. Alternatively, you may have to use a drop down menu under a "sort" category and click "email". All email programs will have different ways to accomplish this task, but most are very similar.

    Microsoft Excel

    7Open your Excel spreadsheet and enter your data. Make sure line one contains categories such as "first name," "last name," "email," "phone number" or you will not be able to alphabetize properly.

    8Highlight all of the information, including the top cells, that you want to alphabetize.

    9Click "data" in the menu bar. Hit "sort" (which may have an AZ symbol next to it).

    10Select email in the drop down menu reading "sort by". You can choose to sort by ascending or descending order. Make sure you click "header row" under the category "my list has."

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