in the day of month why im i bleeding alot?

    i took the plan b pill november 2, 2 weeks later i get my period when i had just gotten off my period october 28, i got my period for this month november 13, and i was told by the doctor who gaved me the plan b pill that my period was either going to come early or late, but she never told me if it was going to be heavy or light..... but im bleeding like alot and im kind of worried can some one help me and explain why i been bleeding alot

    oh and i also want to add that.... since i was 10 years old my period has never been normal i always get it every 3 months or every 6 months doctors said it was kind of normal, but i dont think so...... for the pass 4 months i been getting my period normally and just this month when i took the pill it just got out of control....

    please answer back ASAP

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    If you are concerned about the flow, just go to emergency.
    We are not doctors here.

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    If you are not disintegrating or fainting then just give it time. It will stop eventually (some people last weeks). Plan B is like 10 times the hormones in one shot that you usually have during a whole month. Take vitamin K and some iron. Don't overdo the iron though, it can make you bleed more.

    how many pads are you going through per hour ?

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