could un-diagnosed asthma have be affecting my child's mental and physical development?

    My 5 and a half year old has just had two asthma attacks in the space of 6 months, needing hospitalization   He is know being treated for asthma.  

    While researching about asthma and trying to understand it, I find myself wondering if he has had it for a long time, but that I simply did not understand the symptoms. 

    So know I am on the look out and wondering how all these past periods of low oxygen intake may have affected his development   He is by far the smallest child I have seen for his age, though he is proportional.  Although he is intellectual he finds it hard to understand others and for others to understand him.

    I have been having concerns that he may be dyslexic following conversations with his teachers. But feel that there is more to it than this. I have witnessed him being in the middle of a physical activity, stopping and is unable to continue  i.e in his swimming lesson he has to bouncing backwards in the pool, he is always the first one off, but predictably every week  once he gets to the half way line, he cannot continue, i watch him bouncing in every direction but he cannot propel his body backwards, the class then overtake and finish while he tries to bounces backwards.  Sometimes it seems as if his brain turns off and then back on again for no apparent reason.

    I have spoken with friends and teachers and they all say the same reassuring things, but I feel something somewhere is wrong and needs to be addressed but I cannot put my finger on it.  And while everyone is trying to reassure me, no one is looking to see what it could be.  So I am wondering if it has been the asthma all along, and that know with medication all will settle.  

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    See a doctor.
    Asthma can effect your physical development.
    Not mental unless it really effects your lifestyle.
    Ask your doctor. To put your child on a puffer..

    My little brother and i both have asma, i dont think it could make your son dyslexic but you should ask a doctor about grouth and health. Some kids have harder times learning the same ways as others, your son may need extra help and a slower track, or just someone to take thangs little by little and help guide him intell he gets a grip on things. But im only 14, this is my opinion on what it looks like, he just needs more help, and not everyone learns the same ways.

    Wish you luck!

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