What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Music?

    Jazz and Old School Funk!!!

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    Country is best of all.


    Thanks! I listening to Boney James right now!!!


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - You are our family as well. Love You Back!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I like modern rock, some classic rock and classical music. Here is a new vote for Spaceghost and my Pamela! Our family.


    You go Pamela , Good taste.


    Good question, thumbs up.


    You know WE ARE FAMILY, I really love you guys. T.U. for you.

    country bumpkin

    Iampamela313. I haven't seen you on here in a month or so and I miss you. I don't know why you left or if you will return but I hope everything is okay with you. Love CB.10/21/11

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    My genre is broad, I like R&B, old school, rap, gospel, jazz,blues, and classical.


    Wow, didnot realize, you could feel me, lol


    I feel you!!!


    Thanks, Pamela.

    Ms Sinclair

    Me too. Hope you had a very happy birthday btw.

    There really isn't any type of music (none that I can think of anyway) that I don't like. I don't like every artist within a type. In that way I am very selective. My favorites, however are rock, classical, r&b, and jazz. Lately though I've been listening to Pink, Jonelle Monae, and Bruno Mars along with my usual dose of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc.


    I complement you on your broad spectrum of musical taste.

    look up dirty deeds done by sheep -- ac/dc of course. lol!

    Or.... its a long way to the shop, if you want a sausage roll.

    dont try to take me to a disco: i like that old time rock n roll

    halleluja -- i listen to it over and over and over. all artists who choose to do it seem to do it well.

    I like classical music jazz and blue's I will list a few I really like Jazz 1.Mile's Davis 2.Chet Baker 3.Dexter Gordon 4.Charlie Parker5. Ben Webster 6.Wayne Shorter Blue's 1.B.B. KING 2. Stevie Ray Vaughn 3. Luther Allison.These are all great performer'!!""


    You're welcome Fishlet

    Pink Floyd

    soul and blues

    with a taste of jazz :-)

    of course Pamela

    ""Definately PINK FLOYD.


    My daughter went to Pink Floyd. She sat one person away from someone dressed as a tiger. I know there's a reference to a tiger in the music but I don't know what song it is. Do you? (Maybe it wasn't a person ... maybe it was a REAL tiger. Eeeeeeeek!

    My daughter went to Pink Floyd. She sat one person away from someone dressed as a tiger. I know there's a reference to a tiger in the music but I don't know what song it is. Do you? (Maybe it wasn't a person ... maybe it was a REAL tiger. Eeeeeeeek!

    Heavy Metal.

    I like Country or 50's & 60's music But good Gospel or Patriotic can bring a tear to this old eye.

    All kinds except cry in your beer country and those Mexican polkas-- (omitted rap and hip-hop because I don't consider these as music-- As a professional musician and how I make my living)

    rock 'n roll, blue grass, classical country (i never heard it called that!) some of the new music - pink, black-eyed peas, lady ga ga, rock-a-billy --all kinds except that maudlin country music and opera.

    check out worst songs (oh, have fun!)

    Ms Sinclair

    Another Pink fan. Yay!

    Ms Sinclair

    P.S.- Some opera is really very good. It's an acquired taste. I didn't always like it either but I've since developed a taste for some of it.


    some good soul added to my answer. their addition is in blue. wow! than you anonymous person, : )


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "When the Tigers Broke Free"

    Single by Pink Floyd
    from the album Pink Floyd The Wall
    B-side "Bring the Boys Back Home" (film version)
    Released 26 July 1982
    Recorded 1982
    Genre Progressive rock
    Length 3:17
    Label Harvest Records (UK)
    Columbia Records (US)
    Writer(s) Roger Waters
    Producer Roger Waters, James Guthrie and Michael Kamen

    "When the Tigers Broke Free" is a Pink Floyd song by Roger Waters,[1][2] describing the death of his father, Eric Fletcher Waters, during the Second World War's Operation Shingle.[3] The song was written at the same time as The Wall, hence its copyright date of 1979, and was originally intended to be part of that album, but was rejected by the other members of the band on the grounds that it was too personal.[4] It was subsequently recorded and included in the movie version of The Wall and first released as a separate track on a 7" single on 26 July 1982 (running ~2:55), before appearing in The Wall film. The 7" was labelled "Taken from the album The Final Cut" but was not included on that album until the 2004 CD reissue.

    I love music.. I cant carry a tone in a bucket or make sounds on a muscical instument that dont sound like a cat in distress. So I would never say there in a type I dislike... I am a Georgia girl that was raised near Boston Mass. So I am all over the place.


    I like that.

    I love Gospell. The Gaithers. Michael W Smith

    Sing me the blues!

    Motown R&B, Blues,Rock 60's 70's 80's all classic country some new stuff. and new Christian music

    Classical music, the best. I also like classic and soft rock, 70's 80's pop music and Jazz.

    At the moment a group that I listen to on CD all the time is Point of Grace, it helps me their songs and harmony are great and they have some really good words and meaning to their songs.......

    I have found a singer called Kathryn Scott. Find her on My space. Beautiful

    I like good old Gospel music.


    I do too papa.

    I Love Jazz, Paul Taylor..saxophones Boney James, Huge Groove, ect the smoother the better Tony

    ilove jazz,classicalmusic,rockenroll,name it.if it good it's good.

    gospel music



    Old-school :-)

    It is a station on satellite radio that plays deeper songs from classic rock albums.

    miles davis---slim whitman----johnny mathis-----pavarotti----michael holliday ,and frank sinatra of course.

    I like all type of music whether it is pop or rock, metal or jazz.


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