What are the benefits from having a part-time job in high school?

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    It will help you learn how to manage $, give you a bit of freedom, allow you to socialize outside of school, and it looks good on college applications.

    And keeps you engaged mentally and physically.  You will also be less likely to follow the wrong types and get into trouble, unless the job is part time drug dealing or something bad like that!   Do not take a job to fund the toys, however, as kids that get caught up in "having to work" to support their car insurance, cell phone, girlfriend, etc. usually work too many hours.  This is at the expense of your education!  Their are laws which regulate the maximum number of  hours you are suppose to work while in school.  I taught high school for 35 yrs. and have seen kids not work to their potential because of work.  Kids who cannot stay awake during the day, because of work, cannot get the proper education.  Research shows the lifetime earnings of those with no high school, just high school, 2 yr. college, 4 yr. college, and more than that.  The numbers are staggering, education pays, literally!   Get your priorities, remember few kids NEED a car to get to school.  We taxpayers pay for your "yellow taxis" (school bus).. 

    You can pay for your own designer jeans instead of whining to your parents when they buy you a generic brand!          lol

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       learn the value of earning versus expecting entitlement 

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