Sorry for the Hell word..thought it might get some attention...however, have you all noticed a lack of attention by the media concerning all that has been going in Japan, their nuclear reactors being the least of it...and what do you all feel concerning the workers who are still trudging on even in the midst of very obvious nuclear contamination of their own do you feel concerning their attitude of stoicism in the face of disaster and for the good of their people?

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    i think about japan every single day. the guys that go in to the reactors to save the lives of many around them are just your simple everyday heros, i guess. the media HAD to leave because of the worry of radiation. i remember when they gave the announcement.
    but ole hipster, the media has no time for japan ... there's a wedding going on, you know. the media is anxiously awaiting a peek at the bridal gown. there's more interest in that.
    there's also a lot of media interest in the devastation of the tornado in alabama and surrounds.
    ole hipster

    could not agree more
    Yes the Japanese have a wonderful fighting spirit. They have a wonderful history and culture. The 50 that are giving their lives for their countrymen, are true heroes. There is no greater sacrifice than to give your life for another human being.

    It's strange how the press won't cover the story anymore? That's because we are a nation of fickle people. Our attention spans are much to short. How many of us would be willing to give our lives for strangers that we don't even know? Great question M.J., thumbs up. I hope the nation of Japan will have a speedy recovery, and I pray for them.
    ole hipster

    As always leeroy..thanks for your succulent answers my friend!

    A pleasure, and good question, what happened to japan? Why can the media only concentrate on a few things at a time? Do they have A.D.D. or something or just think we average people are to stupid to consider all of the news at one time?
    ole hipster

    Yup...I think you have nailed it one the head! Especially with your last sentence! As always, your friend (and one of your constituants (sp?), Leeroy for president! With a capital P & L!!! (:
    Actually today on fox there is new video from the Japanese Coast Guard on the tsunami, check it out if you get the chance or you can view it on fox online.
    ole hipster

    Hey...did tune in earlier to the fox thing...thanks for the info..much appreciated...albeit late! (:

    My pleasure, I like to watch fox because of the difference of opinions compared to the rest of the networks or cable.
    ole hipster

    Hi Leeroy!! sorry, just saw your reply to my reply (whatever!...God, I hate that word!) anyhow, you're right on concerning the Fox channel...I too always like their format, questions, answers, etc. have a good day if I don't hear back from you....(:

    You too M.J., thanks for the fun that we have here, I think we get a lot of laughs here...
    I feel for the people in Japan at this time however I can`t agree with "a wonderful history and culture" Maybe some of us have a longer attention span than is good for us. I hold no grudge against the present population but the history was not always very nice. The rape of Shanghai. Australian nurses who had been taken to "have a nice swim in the sea' then machine gunned, Sandakan death march, Burma railway, hellfire pass etc etc. Sorry leeroy as I said I bear no grudge to the present people and I wish them well but as far as "wonderful" history I must disagree.
    ole hipster

    very concise answer..thank you
    They have the spirit of the SAMURAI to serve and die with honor for this is their duty they are heroes! and they deserve much more coverage than the silly fluff news they are important to.
    Reporters seem to care only for movie stars etc not the ordinary people like us
    not a enough glamor!

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