what can i do to relax because im thinking about getting pregnant and am becoming more stressed/

    people say 'u r trying too hard' or 'u r thinkin about it too much'. things like this come as part and parcel as they go hand in hand. hope and disappointment every month so how can u not think about it. i need to know if anyone can tell me of any relaxation exercises i can do or somethin i can listen too to ease my worries x 

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    Stop trying all together. Forget about it. It will happen when it happens. God's will be done.......

    Read, but not baby books, it will only make the situation more stressful.  Or buy a new house, some say, new house, new baby??

    It takes two people to make that decision. What does your husband think about that.?
    If you are single, that would be a grave injustice to a child born out of wedlock.
    Relax, join a yoga club and do meditation.

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