Does anyone know where to start in obtaining a Medicail Marijuana License for Sevre PTSD? Afghan Vet

    I am looking to find the fastest way to make it legal to use medical marij for my PTSD it has saved my life over the last 15 months and am convinced it works better then any other syntetic meds i have been prescribed. I have done 6 tours of duty in 10 years for my country and never even tried marij in my life until i had nothing to loose except my life so i trioed it and it works.



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    Depends upon the state that you reside in.  Also, maybe the VA physicians can advise you, as you may have a relationship with them.  The first step, I think is to get the support of a doctor, and if it is legal in your state, you can go through the process from there.  Good luck. 

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