give me some different theories of how the dinosaurs became extinct

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    *dispersal of angiosperms >Flowering plants are very efficient at producing oxygen, which will increase the rate of metabolism in animal tissue. If this rate is too high, especially in large animals, they may not be able to eat sufficient food to survive.
    *Asteroid > A nine mile wide asteroid hit the earth in the Gulf of Mexico.
    *Brain Functions> Dinosaurs became endangered from the world evolving unlike their brain functions.
    *Hitting Asteroids > Two large asteroids colliding created hundreds of smaller fragments to touch the earth and moon.
    *High levels of carbon dioxide > High Levels of Carbon Dioxide Destroyed Dinosaurs Embryo.
    *Cataract Blindness> Mass blindness is one theory that would've caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
    *Caterpillers > Insects that reproduced at an alarming rate causing a shortage of vegetation.
    *Stress > Over generation to generation dinosaur eggs became thinner and thinner from over stress causing the survival to go down.
    *Increasing Entropy> Entropy id a measure of the disorder of the molecules in substances. Large organisms are seen to be more ordered than small organisms. If this would have increased that is would result in less order and the eradication of larger organized life forms.
    *Fungi > A rapid evolution of fungi, especially poisonous species, which may have contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs.
    *Greenhouse Effect> Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect.
    *Lack of Sexual Activity > Over-Predation and Decrease in Sexual Activity, the Cause of Extinction of Dinosaurs
    *Mass Flooding > Mass flooding may have destroyed important dinosaur habitats causing extinction.
    *Mental Disorders> There is evidence that many of the large dinosaurs, must have had very small brains in comparison to their total body size, possibly as small as a kitten's brain. With such small brain capacity responses to the surrounding environment would have been so slow that they could not compete with faster thinking animals that have evolved in the Cretaceous period.
    *Metabolic Disorder> A metabolic disorder relate to thinning of egg shells during incubation due to variations in certain hormones. The embryos would die, as the shells would be unable to protect them from predation and dehydration.
    *Ozone > Ozone later was disrupted causing death from harmful UV rays.
    *Supernova > A star exploding causing a supernova.
    *Uranium > Poisoning by uranium, which was leached form the soil.

    Dinosaur Extinction Theories
    It is predicted that all dinosaurs became extinct around the date of 61 million years ago which is shortly past the Cretaceous Period. No one really knows for sure on how exactly dinosaurs became extinct but there is much evidence showing a sudden stop as opposed to the dinosaurs slowly dying off. With this strange mystery comes many theories on the possible reasons to what happened to stop their species. Click to the top links to read about the different ideas. Some are not very realistic as many are just suggestions, and are not backed up with proof. The theory on the Chicxulub crater is pretty much what most scientists think caused the end of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs.>>>>click here

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    They just went the same way as the homing pigeon and dodo bird......


    It wasn't the homing pigeon that went extinct, it was the Passenger Pigeon. Once the most numerous bird on the planet, the last one died in Cincinatti Zoo in September 1914.

    Thanks. They all look the same to me. Nasty little beggars.....(I don't mean that...)

    we still have homing pigeons :-)

    Around 4500 and 10,000 years ago massive comet strikes are thought to have devastated the mediterraenean and then earlier @ 7500 BCE in the far the series of books by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas beginning with The Hiram Key, The Second Messiah, and Ariels' Machine....followed by The Book of Hiram.


    lindilou,the science of carbon(radioactive)dating is so exact that there is no doubt that the last dino`s ceased to roam the earth 65 million years ago.denial of the facts are a bit sad. there may well have been comet strikes on the dates you say but the dinosaur`s were well gone by then.

    that doesn't explain what happened to them in the U.S. Dinosaur bones have been found in Colorado .

    OOOOPPSSSS!!!!!All logic is hereby declared to have ceased and desisted coming from this particular bald eagles roost...oops!! yikes....excuse me.....while I fleeeeee!

    Was it like the Dandy or Benno.Comet,

    Most of them died,some of us are still alive on q/a,


    so how's it goin' there mastedon breath!!!


    just marinate the ribs in bbq sauce before roasting on the spit....they tend to struggle a bit at first...hahaha!!!

    yh how did they die ? thats what im asking, theories means how ... basically i cant explain it but its linked to how ... this has this how that !!!

    yh how did they die ? thats what im asking, theories means how ... basically i cant explain it but its linked to how ... this has this how that !!!

    I think all those dinosaurs are very much alive and well...adapted to the environment today. With adequate food, through multiple generations my chickens are apparently surviving larger offspring…left to reproduce on their own. Breeders typically select breeds for their idea of breeding goals. Over a span of just 300 years horses, left to reproduce on their own produced Mustangs that have proven superior to the stock of their origin.           

    The most likely reason is that a large meteorite or comet hit the Earth and that the dust and smoke from fires blotted out the sun for two years killikg most plants and stopping the food chain.

    A good read is Richard Dawkins book 'The Ancestors Tale'.


    all dawkins books should be made available at school level reading to put an end to this creationist mumbo jumbo.

    there is only one credible theory and that is that the dinosaurs where slowly going extinct due to the climatic change over the course of several million years then there was a comet strike( that is now the sea off mexico)this forced so much debris into the atmosphere as to cause a "winter "resulting in the extinction of all but a few 65 million years ago.

    maybe they ate too much sugar, fast foods, and fatty foods.

    The world is always evolving and changing.

    Maybe they experienced a famine due to blight

    or climate change. Nothing lasts forever.

    Creationists (AKA Republicans) believe that the dinosaurs were drowned in Noah's Flood about 4,500 years ago.


    its nice to add some humour to a question.

    Bowlesy, some people really believe this and also that dinosaurs were on Noah's ark.

    Oi...this should be added to your first post, mister. LOL ;)

    Nom, are you claiming that ALL Creationists are American ?

    No, digger not all Americans are creationists but almost 50% are, and the majority of these are Republicans.

    You misread. My question was whether ALL Creationists are American;not whether all Americans are Creationists. Point being, they MUST be,according to you, since they (Creationists) "are ALL Republican"
    Surely, you jest.

    Absolutely not digger in fact the arch-creationist is one of your countrymen- Ken Ham. Visit his nutty website or his museum in the USA.

    I'm from that "other" tiny colony. Canada.
    BTW, Are there any Muslims
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