Do you like mean dogs?

    like germen shepers,pitbulls,bull dogs,doperman,rottwiler

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    Mean dogs are created by stupid humans, none of these breeds are "mean" by nature.

    Dogs are only mean if they are trained to be or if they are abused and neglected. All those breeds you listed are beautiful breeds and the dogs are just as loving and loyal to good owners and other people as any other breed of dog can be. 

    For a dog to have a vicious nature you can bet on it that the owner does too.Treat a dog with kindness, love and respect the dog will return it tenfold.

    NO. They put me in mind of my "wife !!


    But is she house trained,??

    Sorry hector. its "ME" "Weep !!

    You failed to mention any truly mean dog I've ever met.  Some are naturally protective, some are friendly, some are just dogs.......

    I do not care for mean dogs...I was attacked in June by a large Akita who didn't appear to be mean, until I patted his shoulder and he went berserk on my hands...which was not what I had planned to do that day...then I had to go to my hands in surgical gloves for 3 weeks. So, NO! I do not care for a mean dog very much these days...


    Where did he bite you lindiou,??

    Bit my hands at the local veggie stand....yowch!!

    I have always found that's it's best to just hold your hand out flat and let the dog come to you when you first meet, and talk quietly to them, If they want to be your friend they will come to you. Bad dogs are usually bought up by bad people.

    No I do not kind of dog  Dogs are like numan beings  Some are good some

    are different  One could reach some change via 'education", but to some

    extent only

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