what does prime mean

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    primepra?m(adj.; n.; v.)primed, prim•ing.
    (adj.)of the first importance:
    a prime requisite.
    of the greatest relevance or significance:
    a prime example.
    of the highest eminence or rank:
    a prime authority on Chaucer.
    of the greatest commercial value:
    prime building lots.
    (of meat) of the highest grade or best quality:
    prime ribs of beef.
    Category: Cooking
    first in order of time, existence, or development.
    basic; fundamental:
    a prime axiom.
    (of any two or more numbers) having no common divisor except unity:
    The number 2 is prime to 9.
    Category: Math
    (n.)the most flourishing stage or state.
    the time of early manhood or womanhood:
    the prime of youth.
    Category: Developmental Biology
    the period of greatest vigor of human life:
    a man in his prime.
    the choicest or best part of anything.
    the earliest stage of any period.
    the spring of the year.
    the hour following sunrise.
    Category: Banking, Business
    Ref: PRIME RATE.
    the second of the seven canonical hours or the service for it, orig. fixed for the first hour of the day.
    Category: Religion
    Math. one of the equal parts into which a unit is primarily divided. the mark (~) indicating such a division:
    a, a~.
    Category: Math
    Music. (in a scale) the tonic or keynote.
    Category: Music and Dance
    any basic, indivisible unit used in linguistic analysis.
    Category: Language/Linguistics
    (v.t.)to prepare for a particular purpose or operation.
    to supply (a firearm) with powder for igniting a charge.
    to pour or admit liquid into (a pump) to expel air and prepare for action.
    Category: Hydraulogy
    to put fuel into (a carburetor) before starting an engine, in order to insure a sufficiently rich mixture at the start.
    Category: Automotive
    to cover (a surface) with an undercoat of paint or the like.
    to supply with needed information, facts, etc.
    (v.i.)to harvest the bottom leaves from a tobacco plant.
    Category: Common Vocabulary
    Idioms for prime:

    prime the pump, to increase government expenditure in an effort to stimulate the economy. to support or promote the operation or improvement of something.
    Category: Idiom
    Origin of prime:

    bef. 1000; (adj.) ME (< OF prim) < L pr?musFIRST (superl. corresponding to priorPRIOR1); (n.) in part der. of the adj., in part continuing ME prim(e) first canonical hour, OE prim < L pr?ma(h?ra) first (hour)

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