Computer Crash......Re-Loaded XP-Professional Only.. Have No Original Install Disks, Computer Does Not Recognize Any of My Hardware, Wireless Card,Sound Card, ETC....... Can I Upload Wireless Drive Software On Another Computer To A Thumb Drive And Open That In My Computer To Get Wireless Card Working, So I Can At Least Get Onto The Internet To Upload The Other Software I Need..PLEASE......PLEASE...... HELP........

    And Is There A Certain Popular Website To Go To, To Upload Software That I Need.....


                          Thank You....................

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    I doubt you can do what you want to do as you can not download this software to another computer that is already operating on it's own system. You'll just mess up that computer. At this point you have no alternative. Take your computer to a professional and see if they can undo what you've done. 

    You can go on another computer and download the drivers you need. First try your thumb drive to see if windows will read it, if you need a usb driver you may not be able to use a thumb drive.if not put your drivers on a cd/dvd. try going to the computer or the MB or cards maker to look up the drivers.


    I thought of all that too but look at the condition of his crashed computer. I doubt it would even read a thumb drive at this point. He removed his operating system and installed only a partial update for the system. That's why I felt it best to just send him to a professional. He needs the xp operating system reinstalled.

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    xp was great for degrading over time, if he doesn't have the orignal system disk or a copy of xp theres not much he can do. I like also to wipe the HD clean so to have a clean install. If he could find a copy of windows on line and do it himself it would be a lot cheaper. or find a frend who has a copy oem all he would need to do was enter the key on his computer.

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