why is art so unimportant in our culture?

    There is a huge difference between the art market which is about a market and the art realm which is about art spirit.

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    Why would you even contemplate art as "unimportant"?


    art is sacred to me but treated with so little importance

    Where are you from?
    I'm from the UK and the arts have never been supported the way they should, but we push the boundaries and get all the good and new talents out there where ever, and what ever it takes.

    Where would you get such an idea? Art makes the world a more liveable place with color, emotion, life.....

    I think art is important to most people in the different ways, it depends on what they prefere, there are so many different kinds of art.

    Artlover??  Do you think you are the only person in the world that loves art?? That's quite presumptious of you.

    Art, in all it's many forms is very important. Look in your area for the many outlets that are offered. In our small hamlet we have an amazing group of youngsters that meet at a multi-purpose facility to experience art in many ways. It was started by a young woman who saw a need within our community. It has been thriving for sometime now. I myself like to contribute to a museum in Hartford where I decorate and then donate a Christmas tree every year.  I've been doing this for the past five years. Contact your school system and ask if there is a way to offer your time and expertise with the Art Dept. Above all, be the change you wish to seek. Good luck and enjoy!

    Maybe art is somehow tied to the economy.

    When there is very little spare cash floating around

    acquisitions are not what are on most people's minds.

    Depends what you mean by art. I like the quotation by John Ruskin- ' Life without industry is guilt. Industry without art is brutality'.

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