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    Twins Named Obama And Romney In Kenya

    Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are brothers!? Obama was actually born in Kenya?! It might sound strange, but it’s true. A young woman in Kenya has named her twins after President Obama and his recently defeated GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

    According to Reuters, several babies born in Kenya recently were named after the President. But Millicent Owuor, 20, wanted to do more than honor the President of the United States; she wanted to celebrate political unity and bipartisanship.

    Owuor said:

    “I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt.”

    So yes, as it turns out, Barack Obama really was born in Kenya.

    According to the Kenyan newspaper, The Standardthe twin boys were born just a few miles from the village of Kogelo, where Obama’s father was born and buried.

    Kenya and Africa saw a boost in aid during President Obama’s first term and they hope the President continues to focus on Africa during the next four years.

    Mustafa Obama, the President’s half brother, said:

    “If I had a chance to talk to him, which hopefully I will get after he is inaugurated again, my message would be to focus on Africa … If he can put more emphasis on education, health and all that matters to Africa instead of politics, that is my message to my brother.”

    Here’s a photo of twin brothers Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.



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    Well it could have been worse.  Charles & Camilla for instance,


    Especially since they're both boys.

    Cute kids.

    It's been a long time since I've seen a ward at a hospital! Maybe Mom was on drugs at naming time!

    Let me guess. Mitt is the one on the right.


    In a blue blanket? Ouch!

    I meant HER right;-)

    I understand digger! Ha ha to you! Right or left This may be what confused people this past week!

    Passions run deep in the US of A, don't they?

    Yes the passions run deep to what avail? I guess we just live with it! Politics have just become a whoopy show of junk! I feel the USA is not united and I truly hope we will be soon or we will be XXXed shortly!

    Love that album...played it to death in it's day. :)

    People always do this kind of thing.

    Anything for attention. There are worse

    names that people have called their

    children. Wow, they are big for twins...

    ouch! ;)

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