is the lost continent of atlantis biblical?

    watching a program on t.v. that suggests , i cant find proof either way

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    case closed thanks

    No problem, I have an amazing bible software program, from college. It contains several different versions of the Bible along with commentary and Strongs, etc. and much, much, more.
    any clues anybody
    I did a search on my Bible program the only instance Atlantis occurs is in a," Twisted Scripture Reference."

    Apologetics Study Bible, The - Ge 1:1-2 Twisted Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2
    Using similar logic, those followers of the New Age movement who believe in the existence of the lost continent of Atlantis place the rise and fall of the ancient civilization between verses 1-2. Edgar Cayce, known as the "sleeping prophet," taught that Atlantis existed 10 million years ago and was inhabited by spirit beings. After a cataclysmic destruction ("chaos and darkness"), the spirits of the inhabitants eventually took up residence in the bodies of Adam and Eve and the others who populated God's new creation (v. 27). Thus all earthlings originally resided in Atlantis.
    Notes on Genesis

    So the answer is No.

    Now are you sure about this? Could it be that what they "believe" is true and what others believe is incorrect we only have a "belief" that the christian bible is true ,no actual proof, wouldn`t be the first time a belief was later found to be incorrect.

    I've never heard of Atlantis ever being mentioned in the Bible in many years of study. It was Plato or one of the Greek philosophers that made claim to the existence of this advanced culture. Sounds a little like alien technology to me? How did they build the pyramids, many theories claim that they had alien help? A very interesting subject...

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