The Question That You Ask Of Another, Do You Ask It Of Yourself First?

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    <a href="/users/4319/jamesgpete/">@jamesgpete</a> - You hit the nail on the head. Part of what you are asking about, is where, when, and with whom you should speak!!!

    Great Answer, Thanks!!!


    I could talk to you all day.

    If we are giong Legal no only ask the question if I already knew the answer, but on this site yes I would !


    good answer, Mel!

    Thanks Pamela :-)

    Usually not.

    However, this brings up an appropriate and parallel question. They say, within the world of trial lawyers, never to ask a question you don't already know the answer to! The courtroom, as we all know from watching courtroom dramas on TV, is an adversarial contest and a grand bit of theatre, with strict rules to play by.

    So, my dear counselor, I ask what is the context of your question? If it is try to put yourself in the shoes of "Another", to have empathy, then I say fine. No further cross examination. But if it is to subtly assume the coat of the philosopher, nay the prophet, I say excellent. Not just good advice in the form of a question, a humbling. Who has not failed, and often, to think of the other before blurting?

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