can a dog get smokers cough

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    If your dog is coughing more than normal and doing it everyday, this could be a sign of heartworm. Get him to a vet as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when dealing with heartworm.

    What about kennel cough? Have you had your dog at a kennel or vet lately? Either way, I would take Colleens good advice.
    When I was a child my great uncle Phillip had a English Bull Dog that he named Morris. The dog would walk with my G.uncle through Central Park each day and his dog. Morris would smoke a cigar as we walked along, much to the amusement of by standers and those we met along the way. Folk would tell my uncle that they thought he should call him Winston after Winston Churchill. Phillip would say he had not found a monocle that Morris would wear. By the time we got back to uncle's town house Morris would be coughing but stopping to pick up the cigar anyway. That was a very different culture than today.
    I'm not sure why your dog coughs but, it's been proven smoking around your animals especially inside is just as bad if, not worse than for humans.

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