Where did the giant race of Anakites, Emites, Rephaites, Zamzummites, originate from? Where did they all disappear to?

    Were they disposed of and how?

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    Have any skeletons of these giants been found? I suspect not, so this is probably yet another biblical fairy story.


    This is no
    Our species is 99.8 percent Neanderthal genome! Cain knew his wife, and borne the first modern humans. The Cro-Magnon. Seth
    was born 30,000 years after the hybridization was complete. He in turn inbred with his brother's offspring, making us a species of
    interbed/inbred hybrids......

    They were fathered by angels before the fall of Lucifer. They disobeyed God by mating with humans, because of their disobedience they were destroyed. 

    And no this is not a fairy tail. As the commenter  above explained human giant human remains have been found and are in museums for you to see.

    Even in these times there are giants, not many but there are which shows the gene still carries on.

    pastor Raoul

    was not before the fall of lucifer,they were the angels asigned to be under tha athority of satan they did not have free will as saten they fell out of obedience to satan as ordered to follow thier supervisor,so when satan fell they followed satan had free will they did not. John in the book of rev. speaks of a vision of a bright star falling to earth and a shower of stars follwing behind which was a third of heaven angels following read it.


    Giants still do roam the earth ... Esau was a Sasquatch !!


    The two records of genealogy surrounding the account of the Flood—chapters 5 and 10—connect the entire human race with the first man, Adam, through Noah’s three sons. Assyrians, Chaldeans, Hebrews, Syrians, and some Arabian tribes, are descendants of Shem. Ethiopians, Egyptians, Canaanites, and some African and Arabian tribes descended from Ham. Indo-Europeans are descendants of Japheth. All humans are related, and all are born equal before God. (Acts 17:26)


    Is Ken Ham a descendant of Noah's son Ham?
    (Ken Ham is the founder of the website )

    the race of  giants the bible speaks of are hybrids that were developed through the mating of fallen angels with mankind. do some studies,and yes there has been large  fossil remains of humans found.

    Straying off topic but I wonder if there is any connection betrween the Zamzumites and the holy well  Zamzam which is one of the sacred places in Islam?

    Angels never had sex with humans, that is folly. The believing line of Seth intermarried with the unbelieving line of Cain and over time the entire earth became corrupt. This is what happens when Gods word is violated and compromised. Read Genesis 5 for the believing line of Seth. Then read and see what happen with the believing line as a result of intermarriage with unbelievers. Let the Scriptures correct you and not the man made commentaries. Gen.5 Gives us the genealogy of Adam to Noah and his sons, from whom Shem would be the blood line to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the 12 Son of Israel, through which the Savior would come through the tribe of Judah.

    Genesis six this is the blood line of Cain, the general unsaved populace. the believing line of Seth over theses hundreds and hundreds of years poisoned and corrupted the believing line of Seth. This is what happens when believers do not separate themselves from unbelievers. Just as believers married the daughters and sons of unbelievers the believing line of Seth was corrupted and by the time Enoch and Noah were around the earth was at the point of no return. Take the time to examine and free yourself form that folly that angels had sex with humans. That is just not accurate bible study and reading into the text self-willed opinions.  



    Isn't the "bible" a man made commentary?


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