are food products such as pickled eggs sold at the Royal Canadian Legion taxable?

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    Prepared foods sold by eating establishments are taxable at the rate of 8 per cent when the total charge in any one transaction is more than $4.00. RST is calculated on the total sale excluding GST. Since the federal government allows vendors the option of using GST-included pricing when billing customers, RST does not apply unless the GST-included price for prepared foods is more than $4.20 ($4.00 + 5% GST). The RST charged on prepared foods must be shown separately on the customer's bill unless every item on the menu is more than $4.00. In these cases, RST-included pricing may be used.

    Joe Beef

    Thanks for the info, however,this refers to the RST in Ontario which has been abolished since the introduction of the HST. What I'm looking for is the current legislation, It would also include hot dogs, chips, sandwiches and other such items which are sold to members only. The Legion is a non profit organization.

    Yep, GST isn't charged on a snack that is under $4.00-it's the same thing.

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