is it wrong to chat with someone of the opposite sex if your married and your spouse knows and the other party has no problem with the other does the same?

    it wouldnt be local so there wouldnt be a prolem and also to inform the other person that theres not to be anything taken serious and no meeting in person?

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    We had a question like this before. I don't think it should be a problem as long as it's just as a friend and not a secret lover. And if both parties partners know about it, it's all about trust.

    Simply ask yourself whether or not it feels right or not. If something doesn't feel right, there is usually a valid reason. If things feel alright...well, there you go!

    Just because you are married shouldn't mean that you can't talk to other people..Why ever would you think that ?...sounds like your husband is one insecure and controlling man if you are made to think this way! Marriage should be built on trust!

    Not a problem as long as you feel it's OK and the hubby is OK with it as well. Friends can be made via the internet but I'd be suspicious, just to be on the safe side.......


    Oh the dangers that lurk on the Internet! That's a problem...but if ur in a relationship then why would you be trawling the net for "friends"?!:(..I think it's different chatting with people you know...IMHO!;)

     "also to inform the other person that theres not to be anything taken serious"

    To me this does not sound innocent and above board.

    There's a hidden agenda here, especially because it's being asked on a q & a board to a bunch of strangers.

    Something sounds not quite right...and you want people you don't know and who also don't know your entire situation to back you up in this.

    I'd say it is wrong. Turn around in the chair that's facing the computer, see that person over there? That's the person you should be chatting up, not some "stranger" on a computer.

    not a problem if the computor is in the lounge room  left on so all can see the conversation  .....


    She's married..Not DEAD!!:(...Whatever happened to trust?..I talk to everyone n anyone..(as I'm sure you can imagine;0)!!! If I reported back everyone I'd spoken to ea partner would die of boredom!;(...if someone is going to play away then they'll do it anyway!...You have to have trust!:/

    do not think it maders if she does it you should be aloud to


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