Can we forget about Bush and finally lay blame with Obama come January?

    I do not want to hear ever again it's Bush's fault. Now I blame every person who voted Obama back in and I blame Oduma, err Obama for everything over the past 4 years and into the next 4 years. 

    Congrats America, we are screwed for another 4 years. On the plus side, we will be rid of him at the next election, that's if the country survives. Just ask the U.S.S.R. how their Socialism is working for them.. oh yeah that's right, there is no more U.S.S.R.

    I am ashamed of some of my fellow Americans, those being the people who voted to keep this inexperienced (fill in the blank) _______ 4 years later, he's still looking for answers. Maybe he'll find a few in 2016 when he realizes he finally killed America. 

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    Oh Lord!! I guess the drinks aren't on Miss C today!;/...I would say cheer up it could be worse!... But...well I just won't!!!;0

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     All I can say, that the hope for a better America died tonight. Obamas radical left agenda is going to bring about the ruin of our once great nation.




    Not a darn thing can be done now. You are right, we have no one to blame but ourselves......


    We can impeach him or charge him with treason. Libya and Benghazi is a good place to start for the charge of treason.

    Whats the bet, a nice post-election for he and the "little" woman? Why not, we dummies will keep on paying!!

    He and the little woman are having marital problems. They fight all the time. Get ready for the divorce.

    I bet she kicks his butt often then...

    Ohh I love a good high profile divorce!;)...maybe things are looking up eh;? ;)

    yeah, maybe she isn't as bad as I thought, and was using him. Nah, they are two peas in a pod, and deserve each other!

    Four years from now, with the Republican's help, you will be singing Obama's praises and wish he could run again. Let's give him a chance.

    Colleen, are you trying to start more false rumors like Romney did? Shame on you! Go work for the Enquirer.

    Impeach Obama? Really? How stupid ARE you? Read your constitution. At least he didn't rob the poor workers from Bain Capital.

    You'll be eating your words georgedidit. You read the Constitution. Yes, impeach him for treason. He killed 4 Americans in Benghazi. He can only bury so many lies. He's going to rob from the rich, what's left of the middle class and the poor with his new higher taxes after Bush's tax cuts fade into history. Guess who's money gets cut first when his new budget cut plan goes into effect. The elderly's that's who. The people who need their money the most. I hope you're not old. I'm not stupid at all and I would suggest you stop pushing the insult envelope.

    At least you will be able to smoke a joint while you walk up the aisle with your girlfriend.


    Obama has no say in gay marriage. I do not smoke pot or take any drug and I'm not looking to get married. There's still no plus here with having him as president other than people from outside the USA thinking it's a good thing or he's a good thing.

    You are correct. In Europe Obama is widely respected and Romney viewed with suspicion. By contrast Dubya was considered a dangerous halfwit. We liked Clinton and revered Kennedy at least until his morals were exposed.

    Well, you don't have to live under his policies. This makes you free to like him.

    I have no recollection of a time when I was blamed for something that it helped me or the situation. Well, he did kill Ben Laden but we can’t blame him for that without implying complicity for ourselves. Is that why you think Bush-bashing is like attacking the fire brigade?  

    The republicans who persuaded me not to support them sold their vote to Grover Norquest. I thought representatives are suppose to be voted into office by voters rather than hackers. The I heard that 3.8 million people were no longer employed and had give up looking for work, accepting some form of welfare instead. I found the comment simply unacceptable. 3.8 million people….why is that number familiar to me?

    "Almost exactly nine months after World War II ended, “the cry of the baby was heard across the land,” as historian Landon Jones later described the trend. More babies were born in 1946 than ever before: 3.4 million, 20 percent more than in 1945. This was the beginning of the so-called “baby boom.” In 1947, another 3.8 million babies were born; 3.9 million were born in 1952; and more than 4 million were born every year from 1954 until 1964, when the boom finally tapered off. By then, there were 76.4 million “baby boomers” in the United States. They made up almost 40 percent of the nation’s population."

    That spurred my interest on to look at the math. How many reached the retirement  age of 67 in 2012?

    So I have been checking what folk are saying to see if its honest. I like honesty.





    There's a claim that the SEALS killed Bin Laden but that's just a claim. There's no proof. Neither the White House nor Obama could ever come up with a same story over that. No body, no proof. I'm betting it was a son of Bin Laden. I'm betting Bin Laden had already been dead for years. No attack on America as promised when Bin Laden was supposedly killed. Hmmm, interesting. I think Bush bashing is over kill at this point. Obama had 4 years to accomplish something good and positive. The best you could come up with is Bin Laden and as I say, I doubt that even happened. The collapse of America is apon us because some people can not face the truth. Obama is no leader. He is no president and he has no clue. Just a plan to drive the American people away from democracy, to burn the constitution and make this country the new social republic.

    He will RUN the national debt up even higher he is just to incompetent to run a country here are pictures to make my point about his careless spending practices""""

    Well, Obama may have arguably had some credibility for the Bush problem in his first term, but that wont play for a two term president.


    I agree. But I think our problems started way before George Bush, in the early 1980,s.I read an article by Dr. Michael Hudson who outlined our countrys decline step by step. You might try to read it and see what you think. Just google Dr. Michael Hudson. He also contributes frequently to a Website called "Counterpunch" A very interesting site.

    Obama will go down in history as the Bush fault line-- It's almost comical now. The problem we have now is a frustrated republican party and the left is eating it up, what is more important to them is beating republicans, its not the country, their hope is to dismantle the right. And they will! We are headed for a dictatorship, now they are talking about eliminating term presidency, if they get this put through, it may start with Obama should he will it.  There is much turmoil in the government today, the only thing I hope for is that eventually moderate democrats will cross over and see that there had been a terrible mistake, liberal democrats will never see the light even if you shined it in their face, there's too much pride in their decision, they won't change.  If the right doesn't straighten out their cause and modernize a little they are sunk like the whigs of the 1700's.  The voting rights need to be seriously contended with and PC put aside for a better america, i don't want some yahoo from istanbul that's been here one year and plans on leaving in 5 years voting for my future, also i don't want jobless people that 'refuse' to find a job the ability to vote in their entitlements! I want working americans, those that have been here at least 10 years as legal. i don't want anyone on food stamps, welfare or other government subsidised people within 100 yards of a presidential poll, or any poll for that matter.  I am already supporting them, there are becoming more of them than us and we don't have a chance in hell of recovering unless we crack the whip on these people. Some may say i am being hitler but on the contrary, I am wanting these people to get a life and become an asset, not a liability.

    Meanwhile, It's still georges fault, they won't let him leave the whitehouse as long as Obama keeps making mistakes that they can say, 'it was gwb's fault that obama did this.."  


    3 things on Obama's agenda

    1. Using executive privilege to remove all guns.
    2. Using executive privilege to bypass congress and raise the debt ceiling.
    3. Removing the 22nd amendment (which you covered)

    He has already used executive privilege to cover up Fast and furious and to cover up Benghazi.

    He will also be known as the president who most abused executive privilege.

    You see dictatorship as do I but much larger than that, I see an American revolution. We are dangerously close to that now.

    The hope and change president never materialized. Instead he has become the "White Knight" of Wallstreet.The same institutions, that caused our financial meltdown. HE bailed them all out.

    Neither did the transparent government that he used as a platform to get elected the first time. The man is a liar and is the same evil as any other dictator of history.

    Colleen, a revolution, or a civil war?? Who's to say this can not happen?? Right now the dems are doing their upmost best at disarming us and exploiting the deaths of victims to push their agenda. They really want and need to disarm us, many of us in the center and right may see them as ignorant on their political platforms, they are not stupid, they know that in order to bring us down to a level that they have control 100% they must abolish our rights, starting with the most dangerous one -- Seems I have heard this before?? 1930's Germany?? I only hope and pray that the Obama followes come to their senses and realize just what is happening, Obama is a Trojan horse-- So far, the left is so full of itself after the election, they haven't a clue, Obama wasn't elected on policy, conditioning of the young and the those that do not benefit society. (brainwashed)

    That's the word Tommy. There is so much unrest from those who can clearly see the agenda he carefully built over the last 4 years. Now this new thing of removing the 22nd amendment? If anyone can not see the writing on the wall, they do not deserve to call themselves an American. The backwoods militias are already forming. The pact signed by our service men and women has been brought out again and the men and women who signed it have reaffirmed that they will side with the people should this government make a move for absolute power. One more move against the American people by Obama and his minions and I do believe we will see a revolution.

    Now comes obama blank check.

    georgewill - You are, probably, one of the ones who voted for Nobama.  Give him a chance?  He had 4 years!  All he did was make everything worse!  People like you scare me.

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