Are Your Kids Bullied In School?

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    Most of my family are or were involved in Martial Arts, the school teaches self protection and not to use your skills unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.


    I don't know karate, but I know karazza. lol!!!


    Well, I think it's extremely important, especially for women, if you know that you can defend yourself, you won't be scarred in that mall parking lot on the way back to your car.

    what's karazza?
    Bullies will always be there, The first sign of someone wanting to harm you should be met with an "In your Face" attitude. A set of nut's works best. You may not make it out without a scratch, but they'll think twice before approaching you again.
    My Son was assualted at 4H camp... It was tramadic! My daughter was told that she was going to have the freckles slapped of her white face and that the girl was coming to our house she had a gun and knew who she was going to shoot.
    It happens every day.. I work in the school system.. Parent have no idea what these kids are dealing with... And I knew every kid my kids go to school with.. It still happened. I am soooo lucky my kids tell me every thing still. Things could have gotten very scarey for them.

    Jenn, you should get your kids training in martial arts, it helped me when I was younger as well as my nephews even now, they are taught self control, as well as how to defend themselves. It's really affordable at most schools, glad everything worked out for you, tough story, kids can be so cruel sometimes.
    ed shank

    I agree you should be able to defend yourself, but if you kick the bullies ass today he may be back with a gun tomorrow. It is a sick world at times.

    That was my thinking... Theses kids were planning on shooting my daughter and I cant even talk about what happened to my son... FYI PUTNUM CO. GA Sheriffs Dept is a huge pile of steaming shit.

    I hated being bullied and ostracized in school. The best thing I can think of is to form a strong posse that protects one another. I'll bet that works in jail too.


    Yell, by any means necessary!!!

    No. My daughter wanted to do the online school and so far she's been at it for over 2 years. She loves it! I love it! and it works! She did not want to compete with other kids in school. We were leery about the high school where we live, so to keep her from having to go there, we looked into it. Again, it works!

    Your sister,

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