What point in the u.s.a. is southerly enough not to experience the 4 seasons ie south carolina?

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    None that I can think of. All states in mainland USA experience some part of the 4 seasons even if it is just temperature related with no snow.  


    Colleen Thanks for the reply I would have thought Florida was relatively season free in the south east and to a lesser extent L.a. in the south west. What i was really interested in was the area north of Florida, although i understand that Atlanta Georgia experiences cold winters. More so with the coasts not getting as warm in Summer and not as cold in winter ie Moscow v Athens there must be a point in The States demonstrating this. I have won a holiday in Jacksonville in mid December and the sites I have contacted seem to contradict each other. Jimmy , Scotland 5 months of Winter !!

    Florida has been seeing temps of 30 degrees or below the last two winters. The Carolinas have been seeing snow. Try Hawaii if you can.

    Hi Colleen, Thanks for getting back to me.I am a pink Scot, so Jacksonville will not dampen my enthusiasm for visiting your beautiful country. We had 47 days of rain consecutively in our supposed summer, from late June to mid August and temps go down in early September here so not looking forward to another winter as i am disabled I can't get out much and had to take early retirement .. I am however looking forward to visiting your beautiful country and getting away from the ridiculous pre  Christmas period with adverts on t.v. in early November and very few people  with disposable cash. Thanks again Colleen , Jimmy.


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