how do you get a boy to notice you if you think he likes someone else and you have already spent loads of time talking to him, but not REALLY talking 1 to 1?

    Lets call him PJ for ease... I talk to PJ all the time, but when I'm with him, he only talks banter... Loads of other people say PJ likes me,  but I really don't think he does, cuz I know him well enough to know what he's like with other girls who he likes. We were really good mates, but then I got a byf and he wouldnt look at me. Now I've broken up with my byf cuz I reallised I really like PJ instead, but I don't know how to start a convo with him anymore cuz I'm dead shy around him. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I'M DYING INSIDE when he spends time with his ex x :'(( she's really pretty too...... :'/ and single.......

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    This is 2012 girl, have someone tell him you are interested in him.   Then a few days later, if he does not call you, "accidentally" call him on your iphone and start a conversation.

    Then mention to him that you two have never been out.  Suggest you would like to go out with him if he did ask, WBMS

    "A wise old man" who ALWAYS dated those who showed an interest in me.   ;-)


    THANKYOU! I'll try it! XD and thankyou "Benthere", you're really sweet :')

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