What is it are the Hispanics afraid to answer me why they don't speak English?

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    Well since this is your second thread opened to complain about Hispanics, my guess would be, they don't like you because you complain about them.
    Why they don't speak English? Because they are Hispanics. They speak Spanish.
    Not to mention the improper sentence structure of your question. They aren't the only ones in need of English lessons...
    I am asking these questions, because I feel that since every other group of people who have come to America over the past 200 years have all had to learn to speak English. What makes the Hispanics think they don't have to do the same thing. Are they so scared? or are they just dump.

    are you talking to yourself or about yourself?

    Another question: what made the anglosaxons who came to America think they didn't have to learn the indigenous languages that were spoken there? To make a long story short: Empires rise, empires fall. Welcome to the course of history.

    By the way, it is "dumb" with "b" not with "p".

    Cheerioh from Papitou, the english speaking Hispanic.

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