How Far Would You Go To Lost Weigh?

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    <a href="/users/1633/annie/">@annie</a> - was it worth it, and did you achieve your goal?

    No you didn't reach your goal. Losing weight was a good idea because men generally do not like fat woman but you also lost your husband. A lot of men when they reach middle age and over go through a male menopause and must have a younger girl to make them feel young. You should lose weight but not for him. If he really loves you, he would make the sacrifice and be patient while you lost weight. Meeting someone else tells me he was straying and it had nothing to do with your weight. You should be losing for yourself.


    <a href="/users/4171/bluemoon1125/">@bluemoon1125</a> - I see you got my meaning!!!

    Cut off a limb?


    <a href="/users/1959/tsc/">@TSC</a> - Ouch!!!

    It would be nice to go anywhere but work. The Crab Nebula would be nice. Not sure what it would cost though. Couple of pounds?

    4 years ago I went to Tunisia to have a gastric band fitted, it cost ?3500, not including flights etc from Scotland. I was sick and unwell after coming home and constant trips to hospital travelling 4 hours a time and paying around ?300 each visit. Eventually had to go back to Tunisia to have it removed,costing few thousand, as I was ill and could not eat anything other than liquid, not even a yogurt wud go down. And I did all this because being a bit overweight and finding out my husband was * another woman, I was desperate to do anything to look good for him, I only made myself ill, and now we are separated because of the other woman.


    That's horrible! You're better off without him.

    <a href="/users/937/iampamela313/">@IamPamela313</a> - Sorry but that was a dumb question. It was obviously not worth it and she lost her husband so that goal was not reached.


    <a href="/users/4125/jessica-corado/">@Jessica Corado</a> - Are you referring to my answer? Of course, I see the end result. "was it worth it" means, to do something for yourself, not to please someone else. "did you achieve your goal", means, go through pain and suffering to be approve by someone and still lose. This explanation is for you Jessica Corado.

    My answer was directed to "annie"!!!

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