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    I have  my   cell phone  hooked up to my computer follow so far  lol what  i want to know is  how   do i   download games from  my computer  to my   phone  and  how  do  i  get   song  on it to  please  i don't know  how much   simpler  i  can make my  question  does anyone  know i  would really  like an answer   tonight i dint   think  it would be this hard to get an answer  but  maybe  i was  wrong   just   great look  simple   can  i  get some help or not please

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    What kind of phone? Sorry to make you wait but I just got up. It's 8:30 am here on a Saturday morning. You're lucky I'm even up this early. Sheesh, some of us don't live in your part of the world. 


    My cell phone is LG has keyboard <removed by modersator> i have it connected to my computer through USB hub if you can send me text msg with some help that would be great thank you model number is GW525g software version GW525gAT_V1od if that is any help

    One, we are not your phone company or any phone company so I do not need your phone number or address. 2, I know nothing about these phones. I just spend my free time searching the internet for information for people who do not know how to use the phones they buy for themselves or how to search the internet for information about their phones. Apparently when you bought this phone it did not come with an instruction book. Personally I would have returned the phone if there was no book telling me how to use it. I can not guarantee an answer but I will go search the internet and see what I can find. I'll be back in a few....

    please leave the answers to real people who arent rude i have reported you i do know how to download just not certain things ms high and mighty get off ur high horse if you had given me a chance to explain what i was talking about you might have understood it better but with rudeness like urs i aint wasting my breathe explaing anything to you pls dont offer help anymore

    You don't like rude? Then you should not have been rude yourself. I gave back what you gave the people of this forum. Remember, when you point a finger, 3 more point back at you. You should have done all the explain when you first asked the question. My time is donated here. I can not waste it going back and forth with a person who can not take the time to explain first hand all the information needed for their question to be answered.

    This link will show you how it is done >>>

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