How To Navigate This New Site??

    I'm trying to familiarize myself with all the changes but am having trouble figuring out what to click on to get listing of the questions as they come in?? Anyone care to enlighten me? Thank you in advance!

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    Look at the top tabs. You see answered and unanswered questions. As soon as a question is answered, it's moved to the answered tab. So we now have to tabs to watch after. I just click back and forth. One thing to note is if someone responds as a simple comment under an answer, then they do not appear as a last poster. The only time you see last poster is if they've answered in the large "Add new answer" box. At the very top of the page, see, "Hello ole hipster" click your name and you can see your profile page.

    Anything else?
    ole hipster

    Hey there Colleen! Hello back to you! Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for answering. I still think I like the "old way" of the listings better but the older a person gets the more he or she dislikes change. I'm sure I'll become accustomed to it! (:

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