isn't life supposed to get easier as we grow older?

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    Good answer and good question!

    I don't think it get's easier (ever), maybe your knowledge increases and that can help you in your decisions or with your problems. But one thing I know,"In life you will always have problems." How you deal with them may improve with age and wisdom.

    Health Insurance and Medical Bills are what my Grandparents spent all of their savings on, the house that they bought was only worth what they paid for it for in the 40's. I know it pays to have really good health insurance when your younger, that way you don't get screwed when you get older.

    Life is tough, I have lost all that I have more than once, the most important things I have held on to is my family, friends, and my relationship with God. I have found that one of the most important things in life is making a positive impact on the people around you.

    Somebody's been blowing smoke up our asses. You know and I know that just ain't true. Issues may lessen and change but the aggravation of dealing with them is probably more intense now than it was when we were younger.

    So that's what's been going on! I thought my ass was on fire! LOL!
    Says who? I have not found it to be true.
    That's what everyone thinks : older people have less trouble, as they are finished with their careers, life, goals, raising children, but that is not true, older people seem to have more trouble than us even though it seems they have less responsibility. there are many reason for such a fact. such as Illness, ageing, money , maybe their children still annoying them and aren't getting their own life. stress and worries for children's problems. Life is never easy.
    if my health were better, i`d be the happiest person around!

    sorry to hear this Carmaxable hope you get better soon lol

    Ha Ha Ha I 've been thinking I made a bad mistake by retiring
    It's not easier, you may retire from your job, but problems in other areas are always there plus the fact that now you don't have as much money coming in. The problems get moved to other places, they don't go away. Then there's your health, which might have been reasonably good when you were young, but you burned the candle at both ends and somehow it affected everything in your body once you got older. Ouch! Now your poor and you hurt. The older you get the less you want stress in your life, you aren't capable of dealing with it as well either. You just wish all the problems would go away - they don't.
    It should be that way Daren, sadly in most cases it isn't. There R exceptions though. Perhaps U made a lot of $$, in that case your reponsibilities would be less. Your health is another factor, is it good or do U need to see a doctor often. There R many parameters to think of.
    Think that if you have reasonable good health,and can still play enjoy with the grand kid,that a blessing in itself,but if your not feeling well,it not a pleasant ride.But we do are best not to complain to much or you might just bore them to death,SO LET THE SUNSHINE
    Life is infinately easier as we grow older, it is that we are too old to appreciate and enjoy all the wonderful thing we have.

    You know aching backs, sore hips, poor eye sight. more pills than a chemist shop. WE are just so tied up with grand kids (bless them)sitting in the sunshine on the green side of the grass to truly appreciate the inhaling and exhaling.
    As the old saying goes...Life wasn't meant to be easy but not this hard either.
    If one can get over the arthritis, the back aches, the being broke, and trying to juggle all in life then I suppose it could be so if anyone knows please share with me.

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