Do you 'celebrate' Hallows' Eve in any way??

    Happy Halloween careful driving out there...make sure your dogs and cats are safe...and inspect those treats...and wear some reflectors if you go out there tonight!! Happy candies!!


    ...this came from my childs' iphone moments ago...just tilt your head for full affect!!!   LOL

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    Lindi...ops sorry I couldn't see the comment box!!... Must be the medication!... If in doubt blame it on the mess ... Or the phone! Lol Not ME;) !! Xx

    No I'm blessed too ! They drive me to distract ion but I can't imagine life without the little horrors! ;) xx

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    No, I don't do anything special anymore, LL.

    It's not the same when your kids are grown.

    I did make my granddaughter a little red riding

    hood cape and frilly apron for her costume for

    tonight but it's early 9:00 pm here now, so it's

    all finished for another year. Not too many trick

    or treaters out cos it was raining here.



    Belated happy Halloween everyone!:)

    Thanks, the kids do anything over there or is Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night still the big night for them?

    Oh lindi pic just come up! Very clever!:)lol xx

    You can talk to her in Comment this question in the blue area...she won't bite, despite the piccy...ha ha ha! ;)

    I saw the kids all their finery;).. I think I scared them more than them me! :(..they were only allowed twenty mins..but the best 20 mins of my day!.. They were off out with friends n parents trick or treating... Yep bonfire night fireworks for my ma s birthday at the week end... They've promised me lots of photos!...But oh to be there!!!...(ok I'm allowed one gripe a day)!;)
    Oops sorry comments are all out of order!.. The phone screen is way to small for me!:(...

    Wow, so glad they got to visit you.

    I know...ya feel out of the loop but the pix will help. Of my four sons, only one still lives in the same city as myself. I know how ya feel, missy.

    It is monsooning here at almost 7; 'little' chick is 14 ( at 3 feet tall and 52 pounds) and swears she's gonna get away with trick or treating until at least age 45!!! Bwahaha! She's so cute! She's a black cat and her friend, a witch!! Great duo!! Great to hear from you mills and Dar!!! ;)

    Ha ha...that is so cute, Lindi...glad she has the Hallowe'en spirit still. Dang weather...oh well, nuttin' to be done about it. ;)

    Lindi.. That's so cute:)...A gal after my own heart... Nearly that age!:/ and I think that this is the first year out!:/...Dar..4 boys?!!.. I can't think of it!;)... You have ?5 kids...or am I wrong?;).. Where did I get that from:? Xx

    No...I have four boys, Mills. No girls. (I think boys are easier to

    Dar yep that's what many people say!... But the jury's still out in my house! Lol xx

    LOL...I hear ya, guess all kids are different!xx

    I wanted boys and got 2 girls to exact my at 6 feet tall...the other a little person at 3 feet tall....two most opposite and excellent people!! I'm glad they chose me!!!! ;D

    I know, eh, Lindi?
    When I look at my four lads,
    my heart truly runneth over
    for the fact I am their Mum.
    The bond we all five share is
    what it's all about! :)

    Blessed be we three!!!! ;) xox

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