How do you get free furniture for a needy family and a most needy car as well?

    I am trying to get furniture for a needy family and a car for a needy family that is most needed if anyone can give me a true answer without going to all these different webside it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Also check the churches and community action centers. CACs won't have furniture but know who does.

    Realize you may not be homeless, but the homeless shelters would know for sure. In That situation, they May not be helpful to you if you aren't homeless.

    Try the Salvation Army, WBMS

    It is by far the best charitable organization IMO

    Ask your friends and family if they have a chair or mattress or whatever that they don't need ; and give it to the needy family . I gave an old reclining love seat to my g.friend's daughter. Just today , my friend, Ron gave a used mattress to a lady whose mattress was a wreck. A car would be harder......but some people have a car sitting in their back 40 that they don't need. My late husband gave his old station  wagon to the Kidney Foundation. It ran alright. It didn't have any rust.

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