what is the meaning of the Bibical number seven

    what does the BIBLE say about the number seven

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    The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 7
    We come now to the great number of spiritual perfection. A number which, therefore, occupies so large a place in the works, and especially in the Word of God as being inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    In the first part of this book we have enlarged somewhat on the importance of this number in Nature and in Grace, so that we need not here repeat many of the interesting facts already given.

    As a number the actual word and number "Seven" is used as no other number is. Seven and its compounds occur in multiples of seven in the Old Testament.

    Seven occurs 287 times, or 7 x 41.

    "Seventh," the fractional part, occurs 98 times, or 7 x 14.

    "Seven-fold," occurs 7 times.

    The above three numbers together are of course a multiple of seven, but a very remarkable one, 287 + 98 + 7 = 392, and 392 is 72 + 73, or 8 times the square of seven (72x8).

    Then again seven, in combination with other numbers, is remarkable, such as Fifty and seven, a Hundred and seven, etc. There are 112 of these combinations, or 7 x 16.

    "Seventy" occurs 56 times, or 7 x 8.

    "Seventy," in combination with other numbers, occurs 35 times, or 7 x 5.

    It is, however, when we come to consider its importance that the true glories of its spiritual perfection are revealed. Read more >

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