Are You Good To YourSelf?

    Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love dearly!!!

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    Yes.I deny myself nothing. I'm worth every penny I spend on me.

    I'm much better to myself now than when I was younger. In my youth I was more eager to please other people. Just the way I was raised I guess.


    <a href="/users/2305/ole-hipster/">@Ole Hipster</a> - I feel you. We live and we learn. Like you, I've learned to include myself, ex: I love you, then, I love myself as well.

    Yes thanks for reminding me.. we should always treat ourselves good no matter what. :]


    <a href="/users/881/anonymous_sender/">@anonymous_sender</a> - You're welcome!!!


    This may have been the start of my eating habits changing. Wow! powerful stuff.. :]

    I love myself... If I don't love myself no one else will.


    <a href="/users/779/jenn/">@Jenn</a> - You're right. As the saying goes...I can do me better than anybody!!!

    I try to but I find that I am my own worst critic most of the time. I am very detail oriented in my job and also my job is very very stressful, but all the same I do try to.


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - Lately, I have notice though some of your comments, it seems you are going though something? Take it easy on yourself, lighten-up, and I think you are being a little hard on yourself.

    Handle the things you can, and let everything else, take care of itself. Much love to you, my friend!!!

    I agree, IamPamela, and just to prove you are right.....


    I caress and hug myself.

    I think the older I get the more I have grown to love who I am and the less I seem to worry about what others think. It is true that it's none of your business what other people think of you. I talk to many people every day in my career and I see many afraid or ashamed of their age, body, looks ect. Maybe they have not yet figured out how awesome they are but at 42 I can enjoy my own company and like who I am. Maybe things like that have to come with maturity.Loving ones self doesn't have room for arrogance..there is a difference!


    <a href="/users/3033/mom/">@mom</a> - I agree.


    Why not? Only you can do you.

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