what to do when parents and whole family presurising me to marry?

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    Go with how you feel.

    Don't cave in to the pressure because it's your

    life and you should be the one to decide who,

    when or even if you want to marry.

    DonT do it! Your happiness comes first! Explain the reasons why you are not ready...even though u should'nt have to!...if this is an arranged marriage for Religious reasons then get help and support from someone you trust in...please don't go it alone! People can help you! Good luck all the best Millie x

    IS that you "MILLIE DOLL .your reply brought a "Smile to my face.,now don't "Kidney me on" Feeling good "OH great ! you are missed ,when out of site ,this "Site

    DON`T Even if it is a "Religious ,if  you are from the UK. You have rights good luck .My wife didn`t force "ME she "Told me ,her Father nodded to me shaking his head saying "NO. Her Mum said the opposite "YES So I was drag up the Isle Saying  I DO. The "Minster was crying ,and said "Know the feeling .His "Wife was the Church organist "She was "UGLY .She had a long "Nose it was "Dripping "horrible sound in the stillness people looked up to the "Ceiling thought the "Roof was leaking .

    Well SYEDASADIA. Just Silly things I made up to maybe bring a "Smile from " YOU" Good luck stay "Single ,untill you meet the  one for you ..


    Lol dowse too funny! :). feeling more positive:)... Maybe it's the sickly morphine...but at least am catching up huge time on years of no sleep!...nb don't try this at home kids!!;) big kids included!;) xxx

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