my friend's parents put down her dog because it pooped on their floor once, is this animal abuse?

    their dog was about 12 years old and once he pooped on the wooden floor so they decided to put it down. My friend didn't care because the dog was annoying her. Is this animal abuse?



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    Poor dog! They obviously didn't care enough about the poor thing. :(

    Poor dog!
    If i was them i wouldn't put it down!!!! I wouldn't call it animal abuse. But they should have given it away so they could have another life. And someone else could love him!!1 Im sure that the dog is fine in heaven but they did the WRONG thing by putting it down!!

    If they had the dog killed just because it was annoying them .. to me that's sick ..just as it is when people abandon animals or drown them!...I don't know a vet who would put a healthy dog maybe we don't have the full story... But to me ..if its as was told then the dog could have been regimes and not had its life snubbed out!...Just my opinion !

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    No, it's not abuse but they should never own another animal again.  


    To me it's abuse but maybe not to the law:(( xx

    How is it abuse?

    Sorry comment in wrong place I be just seen!:( on a tiny screen but apologies! Xx

    How sad.To own a pet for 12 years and then voluntarily have him put to sleep for decaffeinating on the floor seems very heartless to me.If that dog had no other health issues going on he did not deserve to die.Maybe he is better off, away from those cruel people.

    My dog Charlie has pooped on the floor several times. Thats because I was outside or not home. It was not his fault. He is almost 16 yrs. old and I would never put him to sleep because of it.
    Those people schould never have another dog again . It is not abuse, but it shows lack of love and understanding.

    That 's horrendous ...unless the dog was very sick and in pain! ... I'd chose ur friends more carefully as you say she didn't care as the dog was annoying her!...just maybe she was upsetting the dog ...but he didn't have her put to sleep! :( sounds totally inhumane to me! :(dogs n pets don't choose their owners! Sadly!

    without a doubt that is animal abuse! killing a dog just because they messed on their floor is really extreme why did they have a dog in the first place? like humans dogs need to go toilet, if it was a problem they should of just trained the dog not to mess. i think that was out of order and wrong!


    Abuse causes long lasting pain and suffering. Putting an animal to sleep does not cause pain and suffering. It is not abusive to the animal.

    not going to write too much as this will put me in a BAD mood for the rest of the day... It's bloody terrible, thats what it is.... pooing on the floor??? My little Plummer Terrier has accidents, as I'm sure all dogs do?? They can only repeat what they are taught.... So is it fair to say it's down to the teaching it's self??

    They didn't need to put it down, that's a terrible thing to do, if that was his only problem.

    Sounds like to keep the animal alive in that household would have been animal abuse, to me! 


    Yes I get your point...but would it kill them to find the dog a new loving home?!:(

    Too stupid I would guess, the dysfunction seems very evident. Functional people would do that Millie.

    Functional enough to get the dog in the first place and to dispose of it at their leisure! Just cruel IMO!:(

    Sadly, it happens every day!

    There has got to be more to the story. One doesn't put an animal down just because of one mess. Perhaps the dog had old age health issues and this was a blessing.....

    Yes, it is animal abuse.   Feel better knowing that what goes around comes around.  They better hope that they never have to go into a nursing home!!!!!!!    Sounds like Satan is a big part of their life.   They could have given the dog away.   An animal is only as good as it's owner.   I pray that they receive mercy from God and that they receive understanding and mercy.  I wonder what else the poor dog went through.  Maybe it is better off waiting in Abrahams boosum until judgement day.  At least dog now has the best owner on this earth.   Dog is God spelled backward, mans best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you know the circumstances ? Our old dog was mostly blind, arthritis, and really had a hard life until we adopted her through a shelter 5 years ago. Nobody wanted her. About two months ago , she had a seizure which made life for her not very pleasant. She lost control of bladder and did start making a mess on the floor. She could not make it outside very much , she tried hard but physically was going down hill fast. We knew it was time to put her pain away .

    That's very brave and kind..what an awful decision you were given..we love all ten cats to bits..most are rescue but are the light of our lives... I've had too say no more as word gets around that we are suckers for cats... I just can't help myself!;) but ten plus kids are all I can cope with! But never say never !! To cats not more kids!!:) lol xxx

    I have to say that everyone is making a judgment on third party information, and we cannot possibly be aware of all the facts.  As with chines whispers some information can be lost along the way, and  secondly it can be prejudiced by the fact that it comes from the daughter who was annoyed by the dog, and apparently did not even care that it died.  

    As a person who has been a dog owner for over half my life, I can say that putting a dog to sleep which I have done twice is the most hardest and most painful thing I have ever had to do, and much more painful that losing an animal who has died naturally.   The guilt of deciding when an animal should die, just compounds the feeling of loss, and the whole thing is awful.  

    Putting an animal to sleep is not an emotionally easy thing to do, nor financially.  Your would be shocked by how expensive it is.  If they were seriously "killing the dog because it pooed on the floor" an easier and less human option would have been to open the front door, and kick it out onto the street.  

    Putting an animal to sleep, is done very sensitively and humanly.  If they are in pain, they are given an injection to take their pain away, then one to fall asleep and finally in their sleep one to extinguish life.  This is not abusive.

    Also the dog was 12 years old, in human terms you are talking about (64 years for small, 69 for medium breads, to 77 years for large breads).  That is a long time, perticulay for large breads as I have shown.  And with old age come illnesses.  My mum had a great dane and when he was eight, he messed on the floor, she had him checked out because this was not normal for him and the vet said he had cancer, he died 3 days later!  He also only had one accident on the floor.

    In contrast two years ago, my toy poodle died in her sleep, 5 years before she died, she had an unexplained spinal injury, she was paralised from the waist down.  When I took her to the vet, the first thing they talked about was putting her down.  I was horrified, so they offered an operation, her chances of surviving the operation was only 30% but I wanted to give her a chance.  The chance that she would be able to walk was 40% but I was hopeful.  The operation cost £2500, and could only be done by a vet who lived 2 hours drive away.  I took her because I could  not bear to put her down!  

    She survived and she walked again, but she was incontinent for the rest of her life and suffered form pain every day.  She was on medication to control the pain, but her quality of life was awful.  I could not take her for walks because it was to much for her.  I was told her spine would always be weak and sensitive, so I never allowed her to play with other dogs again in fear that they could injure her, I gave birth to my son, and they were never allowed to play with each other, because I had to bath her several times a day (due to her incontinence)  and I did not want her getting hurt.  Did I make the right decision, NO!  Not because it put me in debt, but because I gave her a life filled with pain and misery which was no life at all.  I should have been braver and let her go, instead of dragging out her life and it was horrible.  I abused both of us, buy not putting her down at this point in her life.  I feel unable to have another dog again.

    I do not feel that we can judge this one case on the limited information we have been given, the dog may have been abused, but from the information you have given, I just hear an angry person trying to make out their parents are horrible.

    Before I label anything I would want more information, how did the dog live during his 12 years? how did he behave, was he scared and behaved like he was maltreated, was he malnourished?  Was he locked up or taken for walks, was he played with, or ignored?

    Life is not black or white, it's great that your asking, that you care, but for the truth you need to ask a lot more questions.  Not just from your friend, but perhaps also from your friends parents!

    Hope this helps you find the answer to your question.

    Saw this question and it made me feel sick. I am not sure that it would be called "animal Abuse" but I would certainly call it IGNORANCE & STUPIDITY!

    It's not exactly Animal abuse exactly.  It is being crul to the dog but not exactly abusing it.

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