Why are some people so serious all the time?

    Here's a serious question for you Daren,lol.

    I think some people take life just way to seriously, they can't ever loosen up or let their hair down. Do you know anyone like this?

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    I don't know I just lose my head
    Some folks just need to lighten up sometimes! There's nothing better for the soul than laughter and love!

    and perhaps a little sex?
    i guess your right, i need a happy pill,when did life get so serious, cause im never like this . im taking a ten minute vaction lol
    ole hipster

    We all have our different moods..makes us human (:

    I dunno daren I find you quite funny and you make me laugh a lot and not being mean or dumb just being the good funny sweet kind guy you are.
    I have a few friends who are just way to serious all of the time, I just think they need to take a chill pill or a vacation. I know there are moments in life we need to be serious, but a little levity usually comes in handy in a situation that's to serious.

    So do you know anyone like this? I prefer to laugh and have a drink or loosen up in my spare time.
    Well I try to be serious sometimes but usually it does not work LOL
    I think a lot of the people on here love sucking

    Haha. I totally agree!
    I'm with you!

    I see the funny side of almost everything, even though I have reached 65 with no money and no pension to speak of, I could be depressed but there is no point, just laugh at it all as long as you have good health nothing else really matters.

    I guess they are 'a stick in the mud'.
    Maybe their serious people?
    I suppose I am very serious when it comes to certain things and usually like to joke around about other things. I just don't understand people who don't enjoy humor or people who don't like to have fun or laugh.

    smile more it helps.

    if you cant handle the heat dont be a fire fighter, thanks i need a good kick in the ass
    i guess your absoluetly right , ineed to take a happy pill. im useually pretty easy going. lot going on lately . im taking a 10 minute

    Some people are so UNserious all the time that other people have to be overly serious just to create a balance.  It's not really healthy, but it gives the illusion.  

    Just joking around with you Daren, your a great addition to the site. Hey sometimes we do get into these,"Serious Moods."

    Hey hipster I thought you were going to mention something else, like a green leafy substance? lol, Hope you are doing well, I gave you a t.u. Talk at you later.
    ole hipster

    Leeroy, you have a very good point. I can't believe I forgot that way to lighten up! LMAO Good to hear from you!
    ole hipster

    Thanks for the TU by the by! (:

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