What are your thoughts on planned parenthood?

    In my opinion it is more than abortion, It is life and death. I've had cancer 4 times. Thank God for early screening or I wouldn't be here. If you are against what do you suggest to save women's lives where they can have screenings at no cost?

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    Congerlations Kaylene, you have come out on top four times, May God keep you that way, I think screening should be free for all, as Im sure in long run it would be cheaper, than the treatment for a person , where there is no cure.just suffering, and knowing there is no way back. Not to mention the suffering of the familys also.


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    Kaylene Reece

    Thank you so much. I'm pretty tough, but I also keep up on those screenings.
    Kaylene Reece

    You are more correct than you know. I worked at hospice for years in home health care so people who wanted to die at home and not in a hospital could. Everyone involved goes through hell and the expense is crazy mostly be cause of the morphine, nurses everyday, working with the families It's hard but needs to be done. It would be so much cheaper and better in every way for prevention to be the norm. For people to be able to afford the screenings they need, but that's just not the way it is. People die in horrible ways everyday. I've seen it.

    Glad you have beaten cancer, but what does that have to do with planned parenthood?

    Kaylene Reece

    Free cancer screenings because I was born with a kidney defect and could not get insurance

    Slightly closer to understanding, but is it only women who can make use of this service or anyone with a congenital defect?
    Kaylene Reece

    No It is there for all women. Most people think of it as abortion clinics, but it's not. There are parenting classes, things like helping people have WIC and child proofing for their homes. And there are free pap smears and mammograms. They do abortions to. Let me be clear about that, but they do a lot of good and help alot of children get a better start in life. I think if Romney wants to cut it he needs a plan to replace the services. Like I said it's life and death. The only reason I mention my birth defect was because under pre existing conditions I could not get insurance

    After having taken part in  having eight children l donot feel qualified to answer the PLANNED part of your question, but congratulations on your sucsess with the dreaded cancer long may you enjoy life

    Planned Parenthood gives us the opportunity to receive informative and competent options and health care of our sexual reproductive systems.     

    Anyone who does not like or agree with the continuance of this governmentally supported organization should study what lead to its enactment. 


    free. free. free. some one pays for it. i cannot understand how someone can expect free. can we start a national line at your front door to get free stuff, your stuff. i have no problem cleaning you out.

    Kaylene Reece

    I guess you would rather have women dying than for our government to fund a service that saves lives. I pay taxes too you know. You're not the only one. Not everyone can afford insurance so I guess according to you we should just let them die.

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