What effect does Bromine have on Nylon or Polyester swimsuits?

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     Chlorine and bromine used in pools are distributed through jets during swimming hours, and can break the elastic fibers of your swimsuit. Sea salt, sweat and sunscreen are also harmful to your swimsuit’s elasticity.

    Hot tubs
    What can I say. Hot tubs are extremely hard on swimsuits and will destroy them quickly. The Bromine used and the extreme heat will fade and stretch your suit out faster than anything else. I have seen a swimsuit destroyed in one wearing. So when alone wear a bathing suit your tired of then clean it like I recommended above. Be sure and wash and rinse it very well to get all of the chemicals out. When in a group so you must look your best. Get the swimsuit off and washed out as soon as possible afterwards. The only suits that have a chance of surviving the Hot tub are 100% polyester swimsuits or chlorine resistant swimwear.


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