Havn't changed akaqa back to normal, awwh :( miss it

    i guess we'll just have to live with change. Hi everyone :)

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    Hey dh! welcome back! No, we won't be reverting to the old format. They are working on changes to improve this format however. Little by little hopefully it will become a format everyone likes. :)

    thank you colleen, glad to see you always here :). it'd be nice if they added the extra features that made the site more personal and creative back on, hope they do that, But i guess we'll have to do with whats available now :)

    They are working diligently to get new and improved features. I know how much time it takes to reformat apps like this. It is a slow process. I've been working on one for about 3 weeks and have to keep taking time away from it just because it gets so tedious. I believe the next feature to be released is a filter that will direct people to like questions so they can see already posted answers. In about two weeks, we should be able to post pictures again :)
    Look for a red dot at top left, it's the best improvement yet. It will show up When someone replies to your comment.

    Hi Randy :) Yeah, I realised that just now, I think it is the best improvement on this site :)
    I'm taking a poll...where DOES everybody else think doublehelix has been while being MIA from this site?? Inquiring minds want to know! (: (Come, on help me pick on him!)
    Hi there doublehelix...been away partying, huh?...glad you're back..missed seeing your smiling face! Yup, it's still the same..I'm old and a bit cranky at times and do hate change but I'm getting used to will in time...last I heard there's supposed to be some more changes and/or tweaks..all is well on this end..hope the same on yours! (:

    Glad to see you as well, I missed you guys and the whole forum, I was actually very busy with studies, but now I have a three week holiday so it's alright to be here every now and then. and i guess we'll have to live with the change :(, true, i'll get used to it. BUt it's great to hear from you again :)
    ole hipster

    So-o-o did you learn anything? tee hee to you this time

    I learnt what i was suppose to learn ;)
    ole hipster

    I knew you were a good youngun'! I don't care what anybody else says. lol again (:
    I was simply Busy studying :( also i hated the new format, so i thought it didn't matter but now i think it does, i miss you guys :)
    ole hipster

    how could you not help missing all of us "lifers" and the "newbies" who are on here (esp the ones who know how to think as opposed to them that don't!)

    True. But i'm back now ;)

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