when is someone gonna ask a serious question

    come on already

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    Yes Darren how do you classify "serious" My mate colleen is correct, as usual, several serious questions. Lighten up for goodness sake, we all need a bit of levity in our lives. I for one love a good chuckle.
    ole hipster

    I second your motion Peoplelover!
    LOL, OK, let's stop picking on daren. He's had a rough time with the forum spammers. You're alright daren ; )
    I've actually answered a few questions that I think would classify as serious.

    What's your definition of serious?
    ok,ok im starting to come around, this new design caught me off guard
    Wow, I was just mentioning that PL, in my serious question I wrote for daren.
    Hmmmm let me think about that one and get back to you is it okay if I consult Oliver on that one?
    daren, your answer is not always serious either, because sometimes you crack me up. ;)
    Okay already are you Serious?

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