when is someone gonna ask a serious question

    come on already

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    Yes Darren how do you classify "serious" My mate colleen is correct, as usual, several serious questions. Lighten up for goodness sake, we all need a bit of levity in our lives. I for one love a good chuckle.
    ole hipster

    I second your motion Peoplelover!
    LOL, OK, let's stop picking on daren. He's had a rough time with the forum spammers. You're alright daren ; )
    I've actually answered a few questions that I think would classify as serious.

    What's your definition of serious?
    ok,ok im starting to come around, this new design caught me off guard
    good question, iguess your question woul fall into that catagory
    Wow, I was just mentioning that PL, in my serious question I wrote for daren.
    Hmmmm let me think about that one and get back to you is it okay if I consult Oliver on that one?
    daren, your answer is not always serious either, because sometimes you crack me up. ;)
    Okay already are you Serious?

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